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Zecco Trading If you’re looking to change brokers you’re not exactly short of options these days. The sheer number of brokers offering online trading today is mind boggling. Some cater for experienced traders others for beginners.

So it’s important that you do your homework first, as getting stuck with the wrong broker can cost you a small fortune in transfer fees.

To help you out we’ve compared two of the most popular discount brokerage houses against each another. We’ve rated them for services provided, price and platform functionality.

Check out the tables below and you should get a pretty good idea of which broker will suit you the best. And don’t forget both brokers offer virtual trading so you can give them a try before risking any real capital.

Products & Services

Broker Zecco tradeMONSTER
Rating [rating:4/5] [rating:3/5]
website Visit the Zecco Website Visit the tradeMONSTER Website
Our Review Read OurFull Zecco Review Read Our tradeMONSTER Review
Bank Deposits Bank Deposits
Bonds Bonds
Certificates of Deposits Certificates of Deposits
Day Trading Day Trading
Services Extended Hours Trading Extended Hours Trading
Mutual Funds Mutual Funds
Trading Community Trading Community

Services Overview

When you check out the products each broker provides it’s important to look beyond the basics. Most brokers offer the main investment products these days so the difference is going to come down to ancillary services like extended hours trading.

When you do that you’ll notice Zecco don’t offer extended hours trading which could be a major problem if you check your portfolio after work.

Neither broker offers day trading services either, so all you day traders out there will have to look elsewhere. Other than that both brokers are pretty evenly matched.

Trading Tools

Zecco tradeMONSTER
Automated Trading Automated Trading
Investor Resource Center Investor Resource Center
Mobile Trading Mobile Trading
Online Advisor Online Advisor
Trading Tools
Profit & Loss Calculator Profit & Loss Calculator
Streaming Charts Streaming Charts
Stock & Fund Screeners Stock & Fund Screeners
Tables & Graphs Tables & Graphs
Training & Education Training & Education
Virtual Trading Virtual Trading

Trading Tools Overview

This is where the key differences lie between brokers, this and customer service I would say. So which platform is going to suit you best? Well that’s going to come down to the way you trade and your experience.

The tradeMONSTER platform comes fully loaded with tools for options traders. You’ll get access to a number of professional level tools like Spectral Analysis and Spread Maker which allows you to build option spread trades quickly, efficiently, and easily.

The Zecco platform is tailored more towards rookies than serious options traders. It has a simplified user interface which is both intuitive and easy to use. There are still plenty of tools available, but they’re geared towards helping beginners rather than serious options trading.

Fees & Commissions

Zecco tradeMONSTER
Account Minimum $0.00 $2000
Margin Account Minimum $2000 $2000
Stocks & ETFs $4.95 $7.50
Options Base $4.95 $0.00
Options Per Contract $0.65 per contract $0.50 per contract
Account Management Fee $0.00 $0.00
Broker Assisted Trades $19.95 $15.00
Mutual Funds $10.00 $15.00
Bonds $4.50/bond ($22.50 minimum) $15.00/bond (no minimum)
IRA Annual Fee $30.00 $0.00


You can clearly see that Zecco is the cheaper of the two brokers; a trader making a number of smaller trades would be able to save a significant amount of money using Zecco.

That doesn’t mean you should discount tradeMONSTER, their much more advanced trading platform more than makes up for the slight increase in commissions, especially if you trade thousands of shares per transaction.

Zecco on the other hand cater for less experienced traders, they have one of the best trading communities on the net and offer some excellent training materials, including live webinars and virtual trading classes.

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