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Zecco Trading Zecco Trading was formed on July 4th “Independence Day” 2006 by Jeroen Veth a former Meryl Lynch executive; initially it was a small investment community based in the back room of Veth’s LA mansion.

After a few months they launched their own trading platform and began offering zero commission trades. This is where the name Zecco originates from, Zero Commission Cost. This ground breaking offer would take the industry by storm and enabled Zecco to grow quickly; by 2009 they had over 160,000 active trading accounts.

Partly due to fact people would ask if Zecco was a scam? The Zero Commission offer has gradually been reduced over the years; by 2009 it was only available to investors with a minimum of $25,000 in their account, effectively eliminating it for the vast majority of their clients.

Finally in March 2011 Zecco announced they would no longer offer commission free trades at all and moved to a flat fee pricing model. We can now assume Zecco means Zero Commission Cost Over.

Fees & Commissions

Stock Trades Options Base Per Contract Min Deposit Broker Assisted Mutual Funds Annual IRA Fee
$4.95 $4.95 $0.65 $0 $19.95 $10.00 $30.00

Website and Sign-Up

Zecco have one of the better websites in the discount broker field. There’s no stuffy corporate feel and half a page of T & Cs to be found here. Just an easy to navigate and succinct website that delivers everything it needs to and nothing more.

The sign-up process was fairly painless; there were no forms to print and sign and no documents to fax off. I was up and ready to trade in less than 7 minutes, that’s a real 7 minutes I know I timed it with my watch. If only all brokers were this simple.

Trading Platform

Zecco Trading


So we’ve signed up, what’s it like to trade? Well the Zecco trading platform has a nice simple design. It’s very intuitive to use, you should easily be able to place an order without having to resort to reading twenty training manuals, handy if you’re a man like me.

When it comes to trading tools, it’s a little light. There’s no volatility charts, trading patterns or stock alerts for instance and whilst streaming data is available, it costs extra. This is a platform that’s clearly aimed at the beginner and it shows. The more experienced traders amongst you will probably not be all that impressed by it.

On the plus side it has everything the smaller trader or those just starting out will need. Sometimes less is more and that’s definitely the case here. The basic trading tools are intuitive and easy to use. There’s also a fully functioning mobile platform so you can execute trades on the move.

Trading Community

The trading community is the golden goose of Zecco, I doubt there’s a broker online with a better one as far as beginners are concerned. It really is the perfect environment for developing strategies, obtaining trading ideas, money management skills and advice from other traders who’ve been there and seen it all.

But once again it’s aimed squarely at beginners, if you join this community hoping to learn the latest scalping methodologies you’re going to be disappointed. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad community it’s just horses for courses. Zecco know their market and it just happens to be first time traders.


  • Low commissions
  • No account minimum, maintenance or inactivity fees
  • Free dividend reinvestment
  • Great online community
  • Open account with no money down
  • No surcharge for large orders


  • No extended hours trading
  • $2 per trade surcharge on penny stocks
  • Trading tools probably not good enough for serious investors
  • No free streaming data
  • $30 annual IRA fee


So to sum-up great for beginners not so great for advanced traders, what more do you need to know? Well they charge an annual $30 for managing your IRA account so there’s something to think about. Simple tools like streaming data should really be provided free of charge and there’s no extended hours trading, so they’re not the best broker if you live in California.

They are a broker tailored towards the beginner. And that’s no bad thing because we all have to start somewhere. They have a full virtual trading platform, perfect for mastering your strategy along with one of the best trading communities around. You could literally immerse yourself within the community for a month and emerge a pretty handy trader afterwards.

Would I recommend Zecco? Yes for a beginner, they’re perfect. For a more advanced trader, no definitely not. The trading platform is just far too limited and there are better alternatives available.

Join Zecco Now and Start Trading for Just $4.95 per Trade

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