Wall Street Survivor Review

I thought I would write a Wall Street SurvivorReview as I have used the platform many times and have found it a highly useful tool in my trading activities.  Wall Street Survivor is an online fantasy stock trading site where investors can try out stock trading free of charge.  The site bills itself as the “web’s best”, and offers a fantasy stock trading platform, real-time quotes for the most realistic paper-trading experience, as well as educational articles and forums.

Wall Street Survivor aims to provide investors with a platform to practice stock trading, test out new strategies and compete for cash prizes.  They have even added options to its fantasy stock trading contest, giving investors the opportunity to learn how to utilize these investment tools.  As with almost everything in life, investing requires discipline and practice, and it is way better to practice with fake money first!

Account Opening

Opening an account with Wall Street Survivor is very quick and easy. There are just a few quick questions to answer. You don’t even need to give them your name.

However, there are 3 checkboxes at the bottom asking if they can spam you. They are unchecked by default. So be careful about this if you don’t want to be spammed.


When you take the next step, there is more adverts. You need to click the “no thanks” button at the bottom if you don’t want to take up their “special offers”.

I do understand that the site supports itself through revenue from these ads, although I thought they bombarded me with too much in the way of advertisements during the account opening process.

After the Account Opening

After I opened the account and logged onto the platform I had a virtual trading account with $100,000 in it.

Looking around,  I saw I could use these funds to buy any stock or ETF listed on the major stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX).

The Platform

The platform allows you to look up a stock  symbols with ease. It then provides you with all the usual information about a stock including last price, volume, open, bid, ask, P/E ratio, Earnings per share etc.  Wall Street Survivor also offers real time quotes, for a more realistic fantasy trading experience.

One thing I also liked is, they have a “Stock Talk” section for each stock, where other members can post their comments about a particular stock. It is similar to commenting on a blog post.  This gives the site a sense of community, and provides for an interactive experience.

There is also detailed news about each stock and sector which can be useful when making trading decisions.  These tools are excellent ways to practice researching a potential investment – a necessary component in a successful trading plan.


The platform offers adequate charting for each stock. It has all the main options you would expect from a charting platform.


However, if I am honest, I much prefer the stock charts on google finance, but this is just my personal preference.


To conclude this Wall Street Survivor review, I would like to say that overall I do like it. It is the best virtual trading platform I have come across to date. There is a very good community feel about the site achieved though its interactive forums.

The only negative I would say is the site really is plastered with ads which can be a bit annoying. However, the site is free to use and they are in business to make money, so I feel it is forgivable in light of the other positives to the service.

To visit Wall Street Survivor click here

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