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“Information is the most valuable commodity I know of” a famous quote by non other than Gordon Gekko. Now he may have been a fictional character but he’s rumored to have been based on Ivan Boesky, the infamous arbitrager from the eighties who valued information more than any other, particularly inside information.

Now no ones suggesting you should go out and commit securities fraud, you might get away with it once, twice or even fifty times but eventually the Fed’s are going to come knocking. But that doesn’t mean you should discount the value of information. Even if you’re a steadfast technical analyst you should still be keeping an overall view of the markets.

So if paying for inside information is not a good idea, where’s the best place to get unbiased market news in real time as it happens?

Well I’m a big fan of TheStreet, an independent company not affiliated with any major news organization, unlike the WSJ. They’ve been supplying unbiased market news and analysis since their inception in 1996.

Founded by the eponymous Jim Crammer of CNBC’s Mad Money fame and former Harvard Assistant Professor Martin Peretz, they focus solely on providing high quality market commentary through a number of mediums including video and website. They’ve gained a strong following amongst Wall Street types and independent investors alike.

How to Get the Best from TheStreet

Now it’s a website so you can just read it right, well yes but there’s a better way to get all the information you need delivered straight to you.

I have TheStreet set up in my Google reader account, what’s Google Reader? Well it’s an RSS feed reader available free from Google, any RSS reader will do it doesn’t have to be from Google, I just find it the easiest to use.

Now you need to subscribe to TheStreet’s RSS feed’s, once you’ve done that you’ll be sent small snippets of every story as and when they’re published. All you then have to do is click on the link and you can read the whole story without ever having to visit their website.

This can literally save you many hours a week, it’s easy to scan through the stories and discount the ones that don’t interest you and move on to the ones that do. But the main bonus is the stories come to you instead of you looking for them. It’s a bit like having a live news feed in your trading platform, but you can access it anywhere from a multitude of devices including iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

There are two feeds you can sign-up for, the standard news feed and the video feed. I’d suggest signing up for both. I find TheStreet videos to be some of the most intuitive and entertaining financial commentary around.

Financial News on the Move with TheStreet iPad App

The Street iPad AppIf you have an iPad and you’re an investor TheStreet’s iPad app is a must have. More than just news on the move it offers real time stock quotes, charts with technical analysis tools built in, a live quotes screen that contains a company profile, latest headlines, key stats, recent action and flexible charts, plus video interviews offering commentary on the day’s action.

Plus you get access to multiple portfolios so you can keep track of your investments from anywhere in the world without having to log into your trading account.

I’m not sure I could live without mine. I get the latest financial news while on the way to work, as well as check the performance of my portfolio. My commute to work on the train takes a little over an hour and almost all that time is spent on TheStreet.

Best of all it’s a FREE app so you have no excuse, go and download it from the app store now.

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