Stock Trading Tutorial

Do you need some advice on stock trading? I have put together a stock trading tutorial. There are many “how to” tutorials to help with your stock trading.

Some of these tutorials have been written by me whilst others have been submitted by readers of this site. If you have any “how to” stock market tutorials you feel would benefit the community please feel free to submit them.

Types of Stock Trading This is a good place to start when you are deciding on a trading strategy.

Are you interested in long term buy and hold investing, short term trading or somewhere in between?

What is Technical analysis and Fundamental Analysis? Do you know that technical analysis involves using charts to predict what may happen in the future and fundamental analysis involves looking at company fundamentals?

How to invest 10000 dollars
In this tutorial I talk about how your personal circumstances can have a big affect on how you invest your money.

Stock Trading Rules
Having a solid set of stock trading rules can make the difference between being a successful trader and a losing trader.

Should I be Margin Stock Trading?
Find out how to trade stocks on margin and why I’m not a fan.

How to use a stock screener
Learn how to use a stock screener, we look at using the free stock screener from google with a real example.

Stock Market Crash
Learn all about stock market crashes that have occured in the past and learn how to protect yourself for the risk of crashes in the future.

How to trade stock options
Stock options are a good way to keep trading risks in control.

Finding High-Dividend Stocks with a Stock Screener
Dividends are great to get, and a screener can help you find which stocks will pay them well.

Stock Market Sentiment
Where are we headed and who’s doing the speculating?

Investing in ETFs
ETF stands for exchange traded fund. An ETF is a fund that aims to accurately track an underlying instrument.

How To Invest In Individual Stocks
A brief overview of investing in individual stocks.

What is Pre-Market Trading?
The markets open for general business at 9:30 am EST, but for an hour and a half before that, some are actively trading in the pre-market hours.

Best way to invest in stocks
A look at the best way to invest in stocks. My personal view is that long term investing is the way to go, but not everyone agrees.

How to buy and trade stocks
Looks at the simplicity of trading stocks online

How to buy gold stock
Gold has been making record highs recently, does this make gold stocks a good bet?

How to buy stock in oil
Oil companies always seem to make a lot of money, why not get a slice of the cake yourself

How to follow stocks
Here we explore ways you can follow stocks and get expert insight.

How to invest in stocks
A realistic look at trading the stock market

How to make money in stocks
Looking at how to make the most profit and keep your losses as low as possible

How to pick stocks
Picking the right stocks makes the difference between a losing trader and a winner.

How to protect yourself from a stock market crash
You earned a good return on your money, the last thing you need is to lose it all due to a stock market crash!

How to read stocks
Looks at the many different ways you can get the prices of your stocks.

How to start trading stocks
Trade stocks, all you need is a good broker .

How to trade stock options
Stock options are a good way to keep trading risks in control.

How to trade stocks commission free
Trade without paying commissions with DRIPS and

How to invest in the stock market
An article that looks at the effect of rumors in the market.

How to buy and sell stocks
Takes a look at how buying and selling stocks has changed over the years.


All about Trading ETFs
The ins and out of investing in ETFs.

Best Oil ETF
The best oil ETFs to round out your portfolio

Currency ETFs
Invest in the currency market with these easy to use instruments.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds
Streamline your precious metal investments with a Gold ETF.

Silver ETFs
Profit from the rise in silver prices with an ETF that invests in silver.

Gasoline ETF
Don’t complain about rising gas prices – profit from them with a gasoline ETF.

Own a DOW ETF and profit from broad market swings.

How to invest in a S&P ETF for the ultimate in diversification.

Mutual Funds

How Do Mutual Funds Work?
An inside look at how mutual funds work.

Advantages of Mutual Funds
What are the advantages of investing in a mutual fund?

Foreign Currency Mutual Funds
Learn how you can profit in the foreign currency market with a foreign currency mutual fund.

Safe Mutual Fund
Is there such a thing as a safe mutual fund?

Bad Mutual Funds
Not all mutual funds are created equal. Learn to spot a bad mutual fund and save yourself money.

General Investing Tutorials

Water Stocks: Investing in the Stuff of Life
Think this means water utilities only? Think again.

Can You Make It Big With Penny Stocks?
Penny stocks are cheap, but there’s a reason for that, and the risks are high.

Offshore Investing
The US Markets are the only place to trade or invest, and there can be advantages to sending your money elsewhere.

All the Tea’s in China: Buying Stock on the Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen Exchanges
Investing in China is a growing trend, but where do you start?

Investing in Electric Car Stocks
Are they the future or a pipe dream?

Investing in Alternative Energy Penny Stocks
They’re cheap and they’re cutting edge, but are they worth your time?

Investing in Companies that Reduce Dividends
Does a dividend cut necessarily mean bad business?

The 100 Highest Dividend Yield Stocks of 2011
We’ve compiled a list so you don’t have to.

Technical and Fundamental Stock Analysis
Two time-tested ways to pick stocks.

Mobile Market Data: Trading in the iPhone Era
Everything is done on-the-go these days, and trading is no exception.

Last(ing) Impressions: Closing Market Prices
Does the price at the end of the day matter?

Crichtonomics: Stock Market Timelines
To everything there is a season, and the market is no exception.

OTC Stock Trading: Liquidity in a Dry Spell
What is Over The Counter stock trading, and is it risky?

Bad Faith & Full Credit
I take a look at the wisdom of using credit cards for investing.

Penne Ante: All About Trading Penny Stocks
Another look at the penny stock avenue.

Fixed Income Stocks: Risks and Rewards
What is a fixed income stock, and should you be looking at them?

Oil & Gas Penny Stocks
The oil and gas market is huge, but are penny stocks a good play in it?

There are many topics you need to try and get to grips with when you start stock trading. Always be aware of the stock market risks before trading.

Before you start investing in stock you really should make sure that you know some of the most common financial terms and definitions. We have put together a list with some really good financial glossaries.