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Welcome to the online stock broker reviews section of my site. It is always my goal to help traders get the best deal for their money when trading the stock market. With so many stock trading accounts to choose from, as traders we can afford to be picky and do not need to settle for a stock trading account with anything but excellent service and competitive pricing.

Below are some details and reviews on some of the popular stock brokers.


Zecco has been round for several years now. They have won many awards. They offer highly competitive trading at $4.95 per stock trade.. They also have no minimum account size. Zecco have a great trading community that allows you to share your trading ideas with other traders.

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ETrade is a broker that has been around for decades. They have offices all over the world. They offer trading many many instruments including stocks, bonds, forex, futures, options and many more all from a single account. Look out for the promotions with ETrade. They often have some really good ones.

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Tradeking is a discount broker that offers very competitive trading at just $4.95 per stock trade. They also offer broker assisted trading for the same price. Like Zecco Tradeking have a buzzing trading community where you can share your strategies and trading ideas with other traders.

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Optionshouse are a fairly new broker. They are certainly one of the cheapest discount brokers I have seen. They were offering trades for just $2.95 but recently put it up to $3.95. They are still cheaper than just about all of their competitors. They have cheap margin rates and no minimum account size. They often have some awesome promotions to make trading even cheaper.

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tradeMONSTER is a relatively new broker, launching in 2008. They offer fairly competitive stock trading charging $7.50 per trade. One thing about this broker that really catches my attention is they offer no-fee IRAs. So if you thinking about your retirement account, they may be worth a look.

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I hope that you are not overwhelmed by all the different share trading accounts there are to choose from. It is always worth it to spend a considerable amount of time looking through each stock broker review to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money. Your style of trading may greatly influence the stock trading account you choose to open. For example if you make a lot of small stock trades, the cost per trade is likely to be much more important than if you buy and hold stocks for the longer term.

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