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Own One Share of Harley Stock!Years ago my dad owned a Jaguar, a beautiful 1967 Mk II in black with red leather. He loved that car; he loved it so much that when Jaguar became a public company in 1984 he wanted to buy shares.

Trouble was he now had a family to support and had just bought a new house, money was tight and he didn’t really have enough spare cash to invest in shares.

But I don’t want it as an investment he thought; I want it for sentimental reasons. The amount of shares was immaterial; he only needed one token share to say he owned a piece of Jaguar.

In 1984 discount brokers were a nothing but a fantasy and he didn’t have a traditional stock broker so he took me along to the local bank. The woman behind the counter looked at him quizzically as he proudly announced “I would like to buy a single share of Jaguar Motor Co please.”

“A single share, I’m not sure we can do that, I’ll have to check” she said as she scurried off into the back room. A few moments later she reappeared, “that’s not going to be problem sir, we’ll get our broker in London to issue you with a single share, you’ll have to pay the normal processing fee plus the price of the stock.”

“Will I get a certificate,” “yes sir you will. We’ll post the share certificate out to you as soon as the transactions gone through.” “Fair enough” he said, handed over the cash (I can’t remember how much it was) and we went home.

A few weeks later his share certificate arrived in the post. Proud as punch he held it aloft; he was now the proud owner of a single share of Jaguar Motor Company. Immediately he set off to have it framed, hung it on the wall in our study and there it remained for the five short years Jaguar remained a public company.

I didn’t realize it then but this was my first exposure to investing, I was always intrigued that you could buy a share in a company and that share could increase or decrease in value. I spent the next few weeks checking the Financial Times to see how much my dads share was worth.

As it turned out Jaguar was a pretty good investment, eventually they were bought out by Ford Motor Co for more than twice what my dad paid five years earlier. I don’t think it actually covered the cost of the transaction but that didn’t bother my dad; he owned the share purely for sentimental reasons. Little did he know he’d exposed his son to a lifetime of intrigue in the investment markets.


Who are Oneshare?

Fast forward to 1996 and the creation of Oneshare, as its name suggests Oneshare is a company that will sell you a single share in a company of your choice. If only this service existed in 1984 it would’ve saved my dad a trip to the bank.

Oneshare is not a  traditional broker or investment adviser, they simply sell single shares in your favorite company. There are over 200 different companies to choose from. Of course not every company is on the list, only the ones that are most likely to have some sort of sentimental value or have a fanatical fan base like Disney.



What do you get exactly?

In the old days when you bought stock from your broker he would send you a nice certificate, these were effectively a record of your shares.

In today’s computerized world stock certificates are rarely issued. But when you buy a share from Oneshare they’ll print you a special old style certificate that proudly displays the company name along with your details. You can choose to have this framed so you can hang it on the wall, just like my dad did.

The Perfect Gift!

Oneshare certificates make the perfect gift. Let’s say your husband has always wanted a Harley Davidson, but there’s always something more important to buy right!

Well you could buy him a single share in Harley Davidson, his own little piece of the company he loves. Not quite the same as the real thing but at least this one’s a lot cheaper and wont depreciate over time and it won’t drip oil over the driveway.


How easy is it to buy a Share?

Buying a share couldn’t be easier. You simply select the company you want to buy from the list, fill in your details or the details of the recipient and wait for your certificate. Certificates can take two or three weeks to arrive so make sure you leave plenty of time if it’s for a gift.

Oneshare is a lovely idea and a great way to get kids interested in the money markets. I’m proof of that, i mean what kid wouldn’t love to tell his friends that he owns a piece of Disney.


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