MarketClub Review

As soon as I saw MarketClub it  quickly became apparent to me that it was much more than just a basic stock trading strategy.

How does MarketClub work?

Marketclub includes a special system called Smartscan, a charting platform and a trading strategy all in one package.

Here is a little more information on Smartscan. It is a special system designed by the marketclub professionals that is designed to pin point chart patterns that are subsequently likely to make big moves.

Smartscan looks for many different types of charting patterns. These are not the standard chart patterns that I talk routinely about on this website. The system uses special proprietary patterns developed by Marketclub.

There are 24 of these patterns, so there will be something for you whether you trade short, medium or long term.

After you have selected a pattern, you are presented with this box:


This tool allows you  to further filter your search based on the last price, volume and exchanges. You can also select which chart type that you would like to see. Personally, I prefer to go with candlesticks charts, but you can use any type of chart that you prefer.

Once you have entered this information you are then presented with a list of stocks that meet your search criteria. There is also a stock chart for each one.

Chart Portfolio

Marketclub lets you put your favorite stocks into the chart portfolio section. Price data and charts for these selected stocks can be quickly accessed.

There is also a score given to  stock between -100 and +100. -100 indicates a strong downtrend, whilst +100 indicates a strong up trend. Values are rarely scored at these extremes, they are usually somewhere in between these scores.

This score is worked out by looking at indicators such as moving averages as well as  the stock’s recent highs and lows, and can be an excellent tool for spotting a trend in a selected security.

Trade School

There’s also a trade school that you  can access after you sign up.  This trade school has some big professional traders doing seminars here, and can be a valuable tool for investors.

There are also many videos on the stock market and many other financial markets.

If you have read much of this website, you will know that I am not very easily impressed, but I have to say I was by this section.

The Charting Software

I was less impressed by the charting. The platform itself is ok, but it crashes quite frequently on my computer. It could possible be an issue at my end, but I feel this is doubtful. Here’s a screenshot of the platform.

                                                                                                                               (Click the image to see the full size version)


Cost and Guarantee

The cost of MarketClub is $150 per quarter or $449 for a year. If you are not happy, there is an option to receive a refund within 30 days, whatever the reason is.


On balance I like MarketClub. Whilst I have a few issues with the trading platform, I really like the trading school material which is high quality and informative.

I have tested the strategy for a few months on a virtual account at Wall Street Survivor and have had some very positive results.

On balance I feel the pricing for MarketClub is about right. There are many videos on their website that you can look through that explain the trading system and tools in more detail, before you consider joining.

I recommend spending some time watching these videos before you make the decision to use MarketClub.

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