Low Commission Stock Brokers

There are many low commission stock brokers and they are many that are expensive. I imagine you want to be sure you are getting the best possible deal for your money. I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling like i’m paying too much for things.

I’ve looked at many different stock brokers and produced this list of US stock brokers to help you get a good deal for your money:

Broker Cost Per Trade Min Account Size Broker Assisted Trades
OptionsHouse $3.95 None $3.95
TradeKing $4.95 None $4.95
ChoiceTrade $5 $2,000 $27
Scottrade $7 $500 $7
OptionsXpress $8.95 None $8.95
TD Ameritrade $9.95 None $44.95
E-Trade $9.95 $500 $54.95



This broker offers the cheapest stock trades i’ve seen at just $3.95. As you can see they also offer cheap margin rates too.

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I’ve used Tradeking. I must say, as long as you don’t trade penny stocks, they are an excellent low cost stock broker. Trades cost $4.95 each. You can also make broker assisted trades (trading over the phone) for no additional cost.


ChoiceTrade are a another good low cost discount broker, trades costs a flat $5 each. Like Zecco this cost is not related to the price of the price of the stock, making them ideal for trading penny stocks. They do charge extra for their platform though which is a bit off putting.

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This low cost discount broker charges $7 per trade, which is still reasonable, but as you can see, a fair bit more expensive than many of the others. They also have a $500 minimum account size, which shouldn’t bother but the smallest of stock traders.

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OptionsXpress seems to have been around forever. They offer fairly cheap stock trading at $8.95 a trade. They also offer just about every other instrument imaginable including  futures, CFDs and much more.

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If you have been looking for a stock broker, you will no doubt have heard of TD Ameritrade. They are one of the biggest low cost stock brokers around. However, this said, they are by no means the cheapest. They charge about twice as much as Zecco do.


Like TD Ameritrade, ETrade are a very big, well established discount broker. They also charge $9.95 per trade. Twice as much as Zecco and Tradeking.

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Should I go for a low cost stock broker?

Generally the answer to this question is “yes”. However, price is not the only factor to consider when choosing an online broker. Other important factors include:


The platform you use is very important. Some brokers, like Zecco have a very basic platform that is absolutely perfect for new and inexperienced traders, but may not be suitable for a more experienced trader.

Minimum Account Size

This one is self explainatory for you i’m sure. If you want to trade with $1,000, and the broker has a $2,000 minimum account size, then it is clearly unsuitable.

Trading Community

Some traders, especially newer traders like being able to discuss their trading with other traders. Many brokers offer a forum that allows you to share you trading ideas with other traders.

Trading Frequency

The number of trades you make has a significant effect on the importance of the cost per trade. If you make 10 trades per year. The difference between choosing Zecco over TDAmeritrade is going be $50 for the year. For many traders this would be “no big deal”.¬† However, if you make 200 trades per year, the difference is going to be $1,000. This difference could make a big different to your bottom line, especially if you have a smaller account balance.

Paper Trading

Paper trading is a very useful if you want to trade pretend money to test out your strategies, without risking any real money. It is also a great way to get to know exactly how a platform works.


These factors are not discussed on this page. We have a very indepth stock broker comparison page that compares all these factors.  We also have indepth reviews on all the stock brokers mentioned here. Please follow the links below if you would further like to investigate a particular broker and learn more about the factors mentioned above:

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