Where Can I Locate Stock Charts?

Every investor needs the ability to investigate existing and potential investments.   Where to get the info?  There are several possible places.

One needs only to Google “Free Stock Charts” to see the variety of sites that offer assistance to the investor.

Let’s start, however, with Yahoo where you can get a snapshot of the numbers that you need to make a quick assessment of the stocks you are interested in.  Historical stock prices, comparisons to other stocks and indices, technical analysis showing a variety of measurements, summaries of analyst ratings and a variety of other data are what you will find here.  It is a good basic set of data for you as an investor to use as you determine if this is a stock you want to own.  Of particular interest to some investors is the tie to traded options.

Google finance also provides the common investor with a wide variety of tools, including the ability to co-relate significant events and past price movements.  The summary page not only gives the basic trading information, but also automatically compares a specific stock to competitors in the same industry.  Option quotes and top level financials are included.

Stockcharts.com, wikinvests.com and bigcharts.com are three other free sites where the average investor can find useful tools.  Stockcharts offers a basic free package that provides more than the average investor needs.  There is, however, a paid service that extends into more detailed historical analysis. Stockcharts appears to be the most common selection of investors that create blog posts.

Bigcharts has a simple format that will allow even the most basic investor to use it and make meaningful decisions on whether to invest or not.

A starting investor could easily work with any of these five and make meaningful investment decisions.

Broker Supported Charting

Most online brokers also provide extensive charting capability associated with your account.  For the most part, these services automatically synch with your current portfolio and provide the ability to examine alternate investment strategies and securities.  Generally these sites also give substantial information on interest bearing investments and mutual funds, including ratings and performance data for each.

Further, most stock brokers will offer charts and analysis which can be useful for the average investor.  Many have printed or digital material for the asking.

Other Paid Sites

Among the historically significant investment advisors is ValueLine (https://www.valueline,com) which provides detailed reports on individual securities as well as overall market trends and events.  All of the detailed charting and interpretation is done from their viewpoint and can save you both time and mistakes.  For this with significant portfolios, this is a service that provides valuable news and analysis.  The price, however, is significant for a small investor.


With the broad inventory of information available for nothing, there is no reason why the individual investor should lack for help.  Investing is rife with potential pitfalls, and you need to exercise due diligence when you decide to invest you and your families hard earned assets.