How to Save Money for College

Being a new parent is a wonderful thing to experience. As a parent you get to expose your new baby to a new world and help them get to think and experience these things for themselves. By giving them a thirst for knowledge and learning, you are setting them up for a lifetime of education. However, one of the biggest concerns facing parents and children is paying for a college education.

  • College Cost Projector – helpful calculator which will project the total college costs within a set time frame based on the tuition inflation rate.
  • College Expense Worksheet – interactive page where parents and students can calculate the expenses to be faced with a college education.
  • Cost of a College Education – useful site, although a bit dated, which provides a good look at the cost to pay for a college education.
  • Tax Benefits for Education – information from the Internal Revenue Service providing various tax benefits of higher education.

Over the course of the past few decades, the cost of a college education has risen steadily. On average the cost of tuition has gone up 8% per year, meaning that within about 8 years the cost doubles. This steady increase in education costs has presented a major problem for parents and students – how to pay for a college education? Fortunately, there are currently a number of successful strategies to help painlessly pay for college.

There are several ways for parents and students to help pay for college. The key to all college expenses is to get the most out of college, while paying the least amount of money. The ways to help pay for college include grants, scholarships, savings and student loans. However, when considering costs of a college education, in addition to tuition, you need to consider transportation, books, supplies, food, room and other related expenses.

To help students and parents pay for college, we have come up with a helpful selection of resources. Please feel free to look them over to help with your college education financing:

College Expenses

  • College Expense Information – informative government site which acts as a portal where you can research the cost of a college education.
  • College Costs Trends – helpful site providing fast facts on the changes in college costs over the past several years.
  • What College Costs – useful collection of information and calculators to find out the typical expenses students and parents face with college.

Students Saving Money

  • Money Saving Tips – tips and information for students on how they can save money for college.
  • Getting Money for College – listing of the top ten ways that students can get money and save money for college.
  • Money Management Tips (PDF) – well constructed booklet providing forty tips on how students can manage money better for college.
  • Saving for College – informative suggestions on what students are able to do to save for college.

Parents Saving Money

  • Saving for College – overview of some ideas and locations that can help parents and students save for college.
  • Help in Saving for College – information and helpful suggestions on what parents can do to save money for children for a college education.
  • Saving Money for College – helpful article providing guidance for parents on how they can save money early for college.
  • Save for College – useful listing of several ways parents can save money for college education costs.
  • Intro to 529 Plans – informative government information on the 529 Plan which helps parents save money for future college expenses.


  • Federal Pell Grant Program – information on the federally operated grant program for college students.
  • Funding for College – useful information on various programs that can help fund college educations.
  • Other Types of Aid – resource providing information on various types of additional grants and aid available for educational purposes.


  • College Scholarships – informative site providing information on various scholarships and how to find them.
  • Scholarship Guide – information and resources for students to search for and apply for scholarships.
  • Scholarship Database – resourceful site where students can go to search for available scholarships.
  • College Scholarship Search – online resources for students that are seeking scholarship information for college.

Financial Aid

Student Loans