How to Buy Qualcomm Stock


Company Name: Qualcomm
Founded: 1985
Headquarters: San Diego, CA, USA
Stock Symbol: QCOM (NASDAQ)

Investing in Qualcomm Stock

Investors can choose from many different companies to invest in. One of the largest communication companies based in the US is Qualcomm. This company has a presence in many markets all over the world. They are well known for designing, manufacturing and selling telecommunications products and services. Most of their products use CDMA wireless technologies.


Qualcomm has its headquarters located in San Diego, America. There are four separate divisions of the company, including Qualcomm Technology Licensing, Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives, Qualcomm Wireless & Internet and Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.

The company was founded in 1985 by a group of people, including previous MIT students and university professors. The first product produced by Qualcomm was the OmniTracs service, this is a satellite tracking system which is still used by trucking companies.

How Much are Qualcomm Stocks Worth?

The stocks of Qualcomm are very valuable, at the moment they are trading at around $70 to $80. This means that the total market capitalization f the business is estimated to be around $120 billion. This is a big improvement on the trading figures before the recession in 2009.

Qualcomm Stock History Chart

History of Qualcomm Stocks

Qualcomm was established in 1985 and so has a proven track record. The business was heavily affected by the recession in 2008 and 2009; however Qualcomm has since recovered very well. This is due to the reputation of their products, and also the quality of the management team. Qualcomm was one of the few companies which continued to invest and create new products during the recession, which is part of the reason why they were able to recover so quickly.

Split History

Qualcomm has decided to split its stock four times. The first split in 1994 was a 2:1 split. Qualcomm split its stocks twice in 1999, once in May, and the second in December, the first was a 2:1 split, and the second was a 4:1 split. The most recent split was in August 2004 and was a 2:1 split.

Will Qualcomm Split its stocks again?

Over the past couple of years, QUALCOMM stock has performed very well. The stock is currently worth around $70. It is reasonable to assume that Qualcomm might split its stock should it reach $100, or $150. At current rates of growth, this could happen in the next couple of years.


People who normally invest in Qualcomm stocks are looking for long term growth. The company does pay quarterly dividends and over the past year this comes to a yield of 1.27%, while this may not sound like much, it’s better than nothing.

Should you Invest?

After the recession, Qualcomm has recovered very quickly and become a strong company. This makes some people a little skeptical as they are concerned that the company could be a victim of its own success.

However, the company is very highly valued, because of lots of investors pushing the prices up. It is worth investing in Qualcomm stocks, but you should expect much more stable growth than in recent years.

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