Forex Binary Options

Binary options are available on a number of underlying assets but the market where the most profit potential is available is the Forex market.

Forex binary options are available for most of the major currency pairs from all binary options brokers. But just because they’re available doesn’t mean you should trade them.

Binary options are easy to understand and easy to trade but the Forex market is a difficult market to master, no matter what instrument you use to trade it.

The Forex market is very fluid and trend reversals can happen at any time. Most Hi/Low binary options have an expiry time of an hour. 1 hour is an age in Forex; many currencies can go on a run and then fall back two or three times in that amount of time.

It’s for that reason I suggest if you’re just starting out with binary options you should choose a less volatile market like the NASDAQ or S&P500 to begin with.

But sooner or later you’re going to want to try Forex out for yourself. So here’s a quick guide to trading Forex binary options profitably.

First of all you must master technical analysis, it’s no good guessing. If there’s one market that can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent it’s the Forex market.

Check out these binary options signals and learn to master them, once you can comfortably spot the formation of these signals you can put them together into a working Forex binary options strategy.

Here’s a few pointers to help you stay solvent in the volatile Forex market.

  • Only trade Forex short term; using binary options to predict Forex over the long term isn’t going to prove very profitable. Trading Forex long term should only be done using traditional options because of the freedom you have to exit the trade at any time without penalty. So stick to 1 hour intervals, that way you’ll maximize your return and limit your exposure.
  • Never stray from your trading strategy, you have a strategy for a reason. It’s there to help you make decisions in the heat of the moment. You should have clear entry points; exit points are less crucial with binary options but if you see the market is moving against you get out sooner rather than later and preserve your capital.
  • Stick to major currency pairs, currency pairs with a lot of liquidity perform a lot more predictably than smaller currency pairs that can fluctuate on the merest hint of an interest rate change in Uruguay.
  • Only trade when you’re sure a trade is developing, never be tempted to trade on a whim. The Forex market is likely to create a lot of potential trades in a day and with binary options you have to be right 6 times out of 10 to make it worthwhile.
  • Concentrate on a few currency pairs, if you’re just starting out with currencies choose one pair and learn to master it before moving on to another. The EUR/USD is a good place to start because it’s the most liquid.

If you follow these points you’ll go a long way to mastering Forex, but remember the Forex market takes time and skill to master even if you’re an experienced trader. Only the most dedicated survive, but if you do the rewards are there for the taking. Just don’t underestimate how hard it will be.

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