The Basics to Locating Crude Oil Pricing

If you’re looking to invest in crude oil, but you’re new to trading, you may not know where to begin. Below are eight websites that will give you real-time crude oil stock prices and futures. These sites will aid you in your research when deciding where to invest your money.

While all of these sites come with a disclaimer that they are not always 100% accurate, they will aid you in your research. Research is, of course, the most important thing that you can do when deciding where to build your portfolio.


This site offers the WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil prices, as well as Brent oil and other commodities. If you’re very much a beginner to trading and futures, you may find this site a bit confusing. If you’re new but are good with charts and have a head for numbers, you should be able to navigate the page easily. The most helpful part of this site is at the bottom–with the list of WTI crude oil news.

Forex Pros

This site is slightly easier to read, and gives you an interactive chart to examine, which is updated every minute you spend at the site. The best part of this site is the tabbed information located above the chart – giving you links to insights from Forex Pros members as to whether or not this is a bull or bear stock, projected numbers into the next month, a technical analysis, related news and reports, and the “scoreboard.” The scoreboard is entirely member based, which is not a bad thing. It’s important to know what other investors think of a stock when making your investment decisions.

Live Quotes

This site has dual charts – the NYMEX WTIC crude oil and COMEX gold. While it offers real time information, it is quite difficult to read and a bit difficult to understand, especially if your a new investor with limited experience.


This site is much easier for new investors to understand, and gives side-by-side charts of WTI and Brent crude oil prices, updated in real time. You will have to refresh the page to see the live updates, as it is not a streaming feed (which is better for slow connections). The particularly helpful news feed at the bottom provides you with a great deal of research–more so than any other website mentioned here.

Live Charts UK

This site is very similar to the CX-Portal site, but is a little more difficult to navigate. You may want to stick with the other sites at first, until you get used to reading these charts. The best part of this site is the tabs below the charts – including market trends, commodity trading, forex rate, stock and forex charts, and currency trading news.

CNN Money

This is the best site to use if you want to do side-by-side comparisons of crude oil against other commodities, such as corn, coffee, or cotton. The news is current, but there are fewer articles than some of the other above-mentioned sites.

It’s important to remember that with any investment, you are taking risks and may not always see the returns you would like to see. Tools like the ones listed above will help you in your research, and determining which stocks are best to purchase, and when. Figure out which ones will work best for you, and plan your investments carefully. If you’re ever in doubt, contact a trusted stock broker for help and advice. By doing your own research online and with seasoned experts, you may better your chances at building a successful portfolio.