Correlations Between Indexes

Since the Dow Theory was originally developed by Charles Dow at the end of the nineteenth century, it has become common to have various indices that measure the market as a whole.  Dow’s writing developed the idea that the prices of individual stocks move together and that it is possible to have a measurement that … Read more

How to Securely Invest in Stocks

Are your savings invested well? Because in the 21st century along with having a good job and stable income, investing the money not needed for a basic upkeep has become just as important in achieving financial stability. There are numerous options when choosing which financial institute to team up with; however, it’s a crucial decision, because … Read more

Transferring Privately Held Stock

If you are looking for alternative investment options, consider privately held stock. While public organizations offer stock traded on exchanges or over-the-counter, privately held stock is purchased/traded directly and is not issued via an initial public offering. Before we delve into how to transfer privately held stock, it is important to gain a clear understanding … Read more

Stock Options 101

Many employees hold stock options, but are unfamiliar with what the investment instrument is or how it benefits them financially. An employee stock option provides its holder with the option, not obligation, to purchase a given security at a specified price, within a specified time frame. Stock options are most commonly used as a method … Read more

Should I Invest in the Stock Market or Pay Off Bills?

As recent years have shown economic instability, many investors are wondering what steps to take next to further their financial goals. Should they continue to invest into the stock markets? Or, should they focus their discretionary cash flow toward paying down debts? While there is never a one size fits all answer to questions such … Read more

How To Use Contingent Orders In Your Trading Strategy

Contingent orders are an advanced type of order that is executed only if another order is executed first. A contingent order is one of several different types of Conditional Orders, with each type of order having a specific use. If you would like to enter a trade under specified conditions, and do not want to … Read more

Position Sizing Tips For Your Investment Strategy

One of the most crucial aspects in managing risk in your portfolio is utilizing the correct position sizing. While position sizing is simply deciding what size position to take, or how much of a specified stock to buy, how to correctly use it can be more complicated than in seems. Because each investor is unique, … Read more