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You have just stumbled across a really helpful resource if you are trying to find a good broker for your IRA. Finding an IRA broker can be very complicated because there are so many different things that you need to bear in mind. You might also discover that there are hidden or misleading fees which can make fees more expensive than it first appears.

To compile this guide, we have researched all of the popular brokers. This should make it much easier for you to find the best IRA broker currently available. This guide will look through the reasons why certain brokers are better than others.

It’s worth noting that you will need to make compromises or possibly select more than one broker. This is because normally one broker won’t suit everybody’s needs.


When researching the best IRA brokers we looked at a few different factors. These include the commission rates, any hidden fees, set up fees, and any other fees required to use the platform. We also looked at training and customer support.

Training is very important because most people who are interested in finding an IRA broker are fairly new to the concept. The right training will make trading much more successful in the long run. Ideally the broker you choose will not impose any platform fees or minimum trades.

At first you might think that it will be almost impossible to find a broker which offers all of these services, but actually there are a few. TradeKing is one of the best brokers which will suit most people.

TradeKing Fees

Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds: $4.95 per trade
Bonds: $4.95/bond ($14.95 minimum)
Options: $4.95
Treasuries: $24.95 per trade
Mutual Funds: $9.95
Certificates of Deposit (CDs): $24.95 per transaction
Minimum to open account: $0
IRA Management Fee $0.00
IRA Set-up Fee $0.00

Reasons to Choose TradeKing

  • Offers excellent commission rates
  • No minimum trade quantities or values
  • No hidden fees
  • Free quotes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Invest in IRA without fees
  • Large range of training materials


Nothing is perfect, the only really negative point about TradeKing is that while there is no minimum trade value, there are some additional fees when the entire order is under $1.

Additional Information

Whether you are new to investing or very familiar with it, you will probably be happy with the services available from TradeKing. TradeKing have excellent services for managing an IRA.

This is because the platform they use is very easy to learn. There also aren’t any expensive fees and you can gain access to a very valuable community of traders for advice and information.

However, the best feature of TradeKing is that they don’t charge any set up fees. There also aren’t any monthly fees for the account. The trading costs applied to each trade area also very reasonable. This should help to maximize profits by keeping costs to a minimum.

There may be some cheaper brokers which charge less fees per trade. However, almost all of them will charge expensive setup fees and/or fees if you are inactive for any length of time.

Most people will find that TradeKing are the best choice for them. This is why they have been voted the best IRA broker of the year.

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