How Can I Buy a Single Share of Stock?

Beginner investors will have lots of questions that they need to get answered before they can actually invest. Some common questions include “Do I have to buy a block of shares when buying stocks?”, “Can I buy a single share of a company’s stock?” and “How are the stocks held when I buy them?”. When … Read more

Where Can I Locate Stock Charts?

Every investor needs the ability to investigate existing and potential investments.   Where to get the info?  There are several possible places. One needs only to Google “Free Stock Charts” to see the variety of sites that offer assistance to the investor. Let’s start, however, with Yahoo where you can get a snapshot of the numbers … Read more

The Basics to Locating Crude Oil Pricing

If you’re looking to invest in crude oil, but you’re new to trading, you may not know where to begin. Below are eight websites that will give you real-time crude oil stock prices and futures. These sites will aid you in your research when deciding where to invest your money. While all of these sites … Read more

Advantages of Trading from Home

If you’re looking to build wealth and your stock portfolio, you have one great tool on your side – the internet. There are a great deal of advantages to investing online from home. It is possible to find good investments on your own if you’re willing to do the work. Below are six of the … Read more

Quick Money in Stocks… Is it Gonna Happen?

95% of the people who invest in stocks for the first time have to book losses and even those with experience lose 60% of the time. Stock markets bear high risks and only the best investors, who have interior information can make huge profits in the long run. After earning money with plenty of hard … Read more

Penny Stocks- To Invest or Not to Invest?

Do you think that the capitol you would like to invest isn’t enough to hit the big markets? If so,  the there are many options to consider, amongst them is investing in penny stocks. Occasionally you may not want to spend all your money or simply don’t have enough to buy more then a few … Read more

Investing into Emerging Markets

Where and how should you invest your money? A very plausible and frequently asked question, however it’s extremely difficult to answer it. Choosing the market alone, can be very difficult, this is usually why it’s a great idea to diversify your portfolio. For example investing in emerging stock markets can always be considered smart, but … Read more

Goodwill and Stock Prices

Most companies aren’t worth as much as their assets are valued at. As seemingly unusual and inadequate this may sound, truth is, that every entity’s retail price is a lot higher, then the value of it’s entity’s, because it’s a brand with customers, prestige, intellectual capitol etc. In accounting this difference is booked as goodwill. … Read more

Correlations Between Indexes

Since the Dow Theory was originally developed by Charles Dow at the end of the nineteenth century, it has become common to have various indices that measure the market as a whole.  Dow’s writing developed the idea that the prices of individual stocks move together and that it is possible to have a measurement that … Read more