How To Use Contingent Orders In Your Trading Strategy

Contingent orders are an advanced type of order that is executed only if another order is executed first. A contingent order is one of several different types of Conditional Orders, with each type of order having a specific use. If you would like to enter a trade under specified conditions, and do not want to … Read more

Position Sizing Tips For Your Investment Strategy

One of the most crucial aspects in managing risk in your portfolio is utilizing the correct position sizing. While position sizing is simply deciding what size position to take, or how much of a specified stock to buy, how to correctly use it can be more complicated than in seems. Because each investor is unique, … Read more

Realize Profits With Trailing Stop Orders

Trailing stop orders are a type of conditional order, where the sale of a security is sold only after a specified condition has been met. These types of orders are especially useful when you want to minimize losses, while letting profits run. While this tool can be extremely useful, many investors fail to use it. … Read more

A Trailing Stop Order Example

When using a trading strategy that includes trailing stop orders to help mitigate risk, it is helpful to review a trailing stop order example to see how this valuable tool is best used in your portfolio. A trailing stop order uses one order entry to lock in potential profits, and minimize possible losses. There are … Read more

Using A Stop Loss Order To Limit Losses

  A stop loss order can be an important tool in your trading strategy, as it automates the trading process, and can be used in many market situations. When using a stop loss order, you gain the piece of mind that if a stock price falls within a preset limit, the security is automatically sold. … Read more

Using A Stop Loss Order Example

Stop loss orders can have a lot of advantages for investors looking to develop and maintain a consistent trading strategy. There are many benefits to utilizing these types of orders in your portfolio, as well as drawbacks, and an investor should familiarize themselves with the facts prior to utilizing these tools.   One of the … Read more

Using A Buy Limit Order In Your Trading Strategy

It is important for investors to learn how to properly use limit orders in their trading strategy. A buy limit order is an order placed with your broker to purchase a specific number of shares of stock at or below a preset price, referred to as the limit price. When you set your limit price, … Read more

A Buy Limit Order Example For Greater Realized Gains

There are several benefits to utilizing both stop and limit orders, and these tools can be a valuable hedge against risk. By reviewing a buy limit order example, you can see how this investment tool can help you realize greater profits in your investment portfolio. As with most things in the world of investing, there … Read more