I Want To Start Investing, How Can I Buy Stocks?

How Can I Buy Stocks?
It is comparatively easy to purchase stock in a business thanks to the availability and affordability of online brokerages. The internet also makes it easy to do the research necessary when buying stocks.

With instant access to current business news, company sales and revenue reports, and analyst’s opinions, the internet makes it considerably easier to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing stocks.

Always remember that investing in stocks carries the very real risk of losing money. Your portfolio should reflect your risk tolerance level, investing style, and correspond with your investing objectives.

Get Educated

Use every available resource to educate yourself fully before committing any capital to an investment. Analyze a company’s balance sheet, cash-flow, dividend payments, market share, and growth potential and compare it to others in its sector.

It is easy to fall in love with a company because you like their goods or services, but this can be a dangerous path if you do not follow it up with due diligence. Investment decisions based on emotion and not fundamentals can ultimately lead to heartbreak.

Know What You Want From Your Online Broker

Like almost everything else on earth, your online broker can come with as many bells and whistles as you want. From discount brokerages, to full service investment funds, there is a service that is right for you.

Ask your self what you need in a brokerage account. Will you need to call or meet face-to-face with someone? Would you prefer to handle everything online? Are you considering investing in only stocks, or are you also interested in bonds, mutual funds, or foreign securities? Are you only interested in price?

Based on your needs, chose a brokerage firm that best fits your budget and your investment goals. If you require a lot of guidance, a full-service brokerage would be a great place to start. Discount brokerages may not offer advice, or have limited research and stock screening tools.

If you are confident in your abilities and want a low price, an online brokerage with low trade commissions would work just fine. Just make sure that you have access to quality research, news and stock screeners as you will most likely be responsible for investigating a stock for yourself.

Fill Out Your Brokerage Firms Application

Once you have chosen and contacted a broker, you will be required to fill out an application, and fund your new account. This can either be done electronically or, if using a local bank or brokerage, in person. If possible, hand deliver the check as it dramatically speeds up the process.

There are additional applications needed to apply for options trading, and they can be completed either when the account is first opened, or at any time the account is active.

Once you account is open and funded you can start buying and selling stocks. Take advantage of any features your brokerage may offer, including a personality or objectives quiz, and research tools.

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