How To Invest In The Best RiverSource Mutual Funds

Watch Your Money Grow RiverSource Mutual Funds

When you choose a trusted and competitive financial company, investing in mutual funds can be a profitable venture. Along with other investor’s funds, your money will be invested by the fund’s manager on securities such as stocks and bonds, money markets and commodities.

It is important to choose a mutual fund company that has a proven track record and competitive edge in the market to give your investments the best start possible. RiverSource offers at least 60 retail mutual funds totaling approximately $60billion in assets.

The large amount of mutual funds available and a proven track record of success is an excellent indicator that RiverSource mutual funds are worth considering for your investment portfolio. Choosing the best RiverSource mutual funds is easy when you use online broker ETrade. Their comprehensive mutual fund screeners can assist you in finding the best RiverSource mutual fund to meet your investment objectives.

How To Invest In The Best RiverSource Mutual Funds

It is easy to invest in the best RiverSource mutual funds. These funds offer a variety of investment objectives from ultra-conservative bond funds to growth funds to everything in between. You should carefully research each potential investment prior to committing any capital.

When conducting your research it is important to look at all aspects of the fund including who is managing the fund and for how long, the securities within the fund, as well as the fees and expenses associated with investing in the fund. While an important consideration, past performance is not an indication of how the fund will perform in the future.

Keep in mind that as circumstances change, so does the performance of the fund. Your future returns are based on tomorrow’s news and a fund that has outperformed in a past market could reverse course as conditions change. Always consult with a professional financial adviser, such as the investment specialists at industry leader ETrade, to find the mutual fund that best suits your needs.

Monitor Your Investments For Maximum Gains

Although investing in mutual funds is relatively simple as they are easily researched and invested in, offer the tradability of stocks, and offer a diversified basket of securities that would be nearly impossible to acquire individually, these funds’ performance must be continuously monitored as you would any other investments.

Periodically review your fund’s performance,  management changes, and any other factors that may influence your fund’s performance such as global and economic conditions. You may find that your initial reason for investing in the mutual fund no longer holds water, or conditions are favorable to commit more capital.

It is only through careful monitoring of your investments that you can invest in the best RiverSource mutual funds to reach your investment goals. Read the fund’s prospectus carefully before investing in any mutual fund.

It is also crucial to only deal with an authorized broker when investing, and every fund in the RiverSource family has its own set of brokers and dealers. When purchasing a RiverSource mutual fund through a broker, keep in mind that you may incur additional fees and commissions on executed trades.

Keep these fees and commissions low by using a high-quality discount broker such as ETrade, to minimize expenses and maximize returns.

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