How Do I Redeem Municipal Bonds To Maximize Gains?

Often chosen by investors because the interest income is usually exempt from federal income taxes as well as state and local taxes, Municipal Bonds – or “munis” – have become popular investment instruments for balancing out a portfolio.

Municipal Bonds Can Grow Your Money And Help Your Community

Municipal Bonds are lower-risk investments that, when combined with higher-risk securities, can assist you in building and maintaining wealth, and help offset income taxes. How do I redeem Municipal Bonds? It is important to understand the laws concerning taxes when you redeem your Municipal Bonds.

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How Do I Redeem Municipal Bonds?

It used to be that the majority of Municipal Bonds were held by large institutional investors. It is becoming more common for private holders and small municipalities to also issue bonds.

You will likely have to do nothing to redeem your Municipal Bond when it matures if your bond is handled by a brokerage firm. Your brokerage firm will most likely deposit the principal plus yielded interest directly into your bank or money market account.

How do I redeem Municipal Bonds? It is always advised to consult with the investment specialists at ETrade if you would like to know your options when your Municipal Bond reaches maturity, or if you have decided to redeem your bond prior to its maturation date.

If you would like to sell your bonds prior to their maturity date it may be possible, but you will be receiving a price that is based on the present market, which could either be lower or higher than the original cost of the bond.

You must also research the tax laws on your specific type of bond if you decide to redeem it before it matures, and you should consult with a broker throughout the entire process. If your Municipal Bond is not with a brokerage, you could be required to contact the trustee or municipality directly with the original note, Social Security number, and proof of identification.

How Do I Redeem Municipal Bonds: Redeemable Or Callable Bonds

A bond that can be paid off or redeemed by the issuer before the date of maturity for the bond is referred to as a redeemable or callable bond. An investor is paid the call price in addition to the interest to date.

The bond investor forfeits the right to interest payments in the future. As this can greatly affect your investment strategy, these callable bonds are regarded as higher risk investments compared to bonds with stringent term limits placed on maturity.

Municipal Bonds are an excellent way to grow and preserve your money, but as with all investments, they do carry certain risks that should be carefully considered before investing. The experts at ETrade are available to assist you with buying and selling Municipal Bonds, and helping you decide whether they are right for you.

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