How Can I Figure Out What Are The Top 100 Mutual Funds?

As with most things concerning investing, the answer to the question, “what are the top 100 mutual funds?” will vary from investor to investor. Your choices in mutual funds will be based on your unique financial situation, your investment objectives, and your time-frame for investing.

Find The Mutual Funds That Are Best For You

Your criteria for what constitutes the “top” mutual funds may also be different from another investor’s ideal mutual funds depending on what criteria is important to you. Are you looking for a fund that has historically produced high returns? Do you want a fund with low expenses, or a no-load fund? Or are you looking for a fund with a great manager, or a high MorningStar rating?

It is important to find the mutual fund that is right for your unique situation and investment objectives. Always consult with a professional financial adviser, such as the Chartered Investment Advisers at online brokerage ETrade to find out which mutual fund investment is right for you.

What Are The Top 100 Mutual Funds? Find The Funds That Are Right For You

Planning is the key to success in most of life’s endeavors and answering the question, “what are the top 100 mutual funds?” is no different. In order to find your top mutual funds you must be armed with the proper knowledge to search mutual funds based on your unique criteria.

You must first determine your available capital for investing, as well as your time-frame for investing. These factors will determine your strategy for investing, and help you narrow down your search. Your top mutual fund for a growth portfolio will be different than a top fund for a portfolio that is dedicated to capital preservation.

Once you have determined your available capital and investment objectives, you can perform a search of mutual funds based on your criteria for investing. There are many fund screeners available for this purpose, and you should look for a screener that allows you to put in as much criteria as possible to ensure the best matches for you.

Online broker ETrade offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive fund screeners, with MorningStar ratings, detailed fund prospectus, and industry analysis. You can also compare funds side-by-side to see how they stack up to their peers as well as the broad market.

What To Watch Out For When Investing In The Top 100 Mutual Funds

If you have done an internet search, or asked a professional money manager, “what are the top 100 mutual funds” you may have been surprised to see that different funds have come up on different lists of the top mutual funds.

This is due to the fact that different sites and financial outlets use different rating systems for their funds. This can produce different results for top funds, and can be confusing for investors. Beware of websites or other sources that rank funds bases on their historical performance, as this is not an accurate way of predicting a fund’s future performance.

Keep in mind that even the industry’s highest rated mutual funds still require that you carefully research the funds prior to investing to make sure that it fits within your individual investment needs. Only you and your financial adviser can decide what funds are best for you and your individual investment objective.

With over 7,000 mutual funds to chose from, detailed fund screeners and the industry’s top financial professionals available to assist you, online broker ETrade is an excellent place to start your search for the top mutual funds for your portfolio.

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