Do I Invest InStocks Vs Mutual Funds For Brokerage Account?

Weigh Your Options Carefully

A brokerage account is one of most flexible ways for you to invest in securities. You can hold stocks and bonds, cash, mutual funds and a variety of other assets in your brokerage account, with the two most common holdings being mutual funds and stocks.

There are many important considerations when considering stocks vs mutual funds for brokerage accounts including your available investment capital, your unique investment objectives and risk-tolerance.

If your brokerage account is with top online discount broker ETrade, you have access to the industry’s best investment research tools and personal advisers to advise you on the best course of action to achieve your investment goals. Always research each potential investment carefully to determine which strategy is right for you.

Many investors find success with a mix of stocks and mutual funds in their investment portfolio. Once again, the correct mix will depend on your unique objectives and your ability to manage and maintain your account.

Stocks Vs Mutual Funds For Brokerage Account: Which Is Right For You?

When you are deciding how to invest the funds in your brokerage account you must consider many factors before making your decision. One of the key considerations when deciding between stocks vs mutual funds is how much time you are willing or able to spend on your investments.

As it can be time consuming to invest in individual stocks, if you find yourself unwilling or unable to devote the time needed to managing individual securities you may be better off investing in mutual funds as researching mutual funds is generally less time consuming.

ETrade’s mutual fund screener provides investors with easy to see, side-by-side comparison of the industry’s top mutual funds. You can quickly and easily screen for the mutual funds that meet your individual criteria including highest rated funds, top-growth funds, and balanced funds.

Mutual funds also offer greater diversity for investors than they may be able to achieve on their own, as many mutual funds own dozens if not hundreds of securities, and it would be financially cost-prohibitive to try and duplicate that level of diversity on your own. Mutual funds are excellent investments for people who would like the maximum amount of diversification in their portfolio with a relatively small amount of capital.

Investors with more time to spend on research, and with more available capital may find that investing in individual stocks or broad market ETFs are better options. When you invest in individual stocks you retain more control over your investments including timing their purchases and sales.

Long-term investors in individual stocks typically find themselves free of the worry concerning the potential loss of capital due to fees and expenses.

Stocks Vs Mutual Funds For Brokerage Account: Combine Them For Greatest Realized Gains

Many investors find that when weighing stocks vs mutual funds for brokerage account, a mixture of the two options makes the most sense. You can effectively build a portfolio of individual securities that you are comfortable owning and are well researched, as well as investments in mutual funds in other areas such as small-cap companies and international investing where an investor may not have the confidence nor the resources to invest well.

When evaluating the benefits of investing in stocks vs mutual funds for brokerage account you should access the easy to use investment tools offered by industry leader ETrade to find the best mix of stocks and mutual funds that is right for you.

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