Compare Roth IRA Accounts To Find The One That’s Right For You

Not All Roth IRAs Are Created Equal

Roth IRAs have been a popular tool for investing for retirement. Due to the long-term tax advantages realized in a Roth IRA, it is advised that if you qualify for investing in a Roth IRA you should seriously consider investing in this type of account.

Opening a Roth IRA is simple. You just need to fill out a Roth IRA form, and contribute funds to the account. The most challenging aspect to opening a Roth IRA is choosing a brokerage, and deciding where to invest your funds.

It is important to compare Roth IRA accounts in order to find the one that best suits your investment needs. You should look for brokerages that offer low account minimums if you are just starting out, as well as low account fees.

Compare Roth IRA Accounts: Deposit Requirements And Fees

Many top online brokers such as ETrade and Zecco, have no minimum deposit requirements, making starting your Roth IRA easy if you do not have a lot of initial investment capital. Investors with as little as a few hundred dollars can be on their way to building their retirement nest egg by utilizing a brokerage with low or no account minimums.

You also want to look closely at the brokerage’s commissions and fees, as well as the quality of the brokerage’s customer service. While customer service can be a challenge to quantify, make sure that the brokerage you choose offers the set of services that you need for your retirement investments.

Low fees and commissions are important due to the fact that these charges can quickly eat away at your retirement capital, and could negate any tax benefits that can come from investing in a Roth IRA. When you compare Roth IRA accounts look closely at the commissions on trades and factor that into your considerations.

Compare Roth IRA Accounts: Where To Open A Roth IRA

There are many financial institutions that can act as a custodian for your Roth IRA such as banks and credit unions, brokerage firms and mutual fund companies. While banks and credit unions may offer Roth IRAs, their choices of investments may be limited to money market accounts, CDs and other similar low-yielding investment options.

Other investment options that may be offered by your bank often carry higher fees and administration costs than brokerage firms or mutual fund companies. Typically, it is better to invest with a mutual fund company or a brokerage firm, unless your bank offers reasonably priced, full-service brokerage services.

The majority of people are better served by investing with large brokerages or mutual fund companies, due to their low commissions and expense ratios, and their large selection of investment options. Investors who are more experienced would most likely find that a discount brokerage is the best option.

Compare Roth IRA Accounts: Discount Brokerages

In order to compare Roth IRA accounts at discount brokerages it will most likely come down to transaction costs and fees. Most discount brokerages offer low costs per transaction, and each offers unique features that could make them a better option for your investment needs.

By investing in a top online brokerage such as ETrade, you can invest in a wide variety of assets, and enjoy low commissions on trades. Carefully examine your own unique situation to decide which Roth IRA account is right for you.

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