52 Money Saving Tips

It’s a tough world out there these days, financially speaking. While we have lots of great information for you here on how to make money in stock market, it’s a fact of life that you must have the money to invest or trade before you can start.

Never fear, we are here to help you make it through the tough spots and get ahead. Need to save some dough so you can make some dough? Here are some simple tips.

  1. Turn off the TV – Unless you are watching CNBC , Bloomberg, or the news (this part is debatable), you’re just numbing your brain. Don’t pay $100 per month to watch American Idol or re-runs of Gilligan’s Island. You can get your stock news from the web in real time.

  2. Drink tap water – Bottled water is one of the largest hoaxes passed off on the public in recent history. Unless you live somewhere like Mexico, stop blowing money on it. Drinking more water will also save money on buying things like soda.

  3. Buy generic groceries – I know, some of it tastes like cardboard, but most stuff tastes exactly the same, or at least close enough if it’s cutting 25% or more off your grocery bill.

  4. Don’t pay for tanning – In the summer get some sun outside, in the winter deal with it.

  5. Plan your trips to the store – Write down everything you need to get as you think of it, so you don’t waste gas making five trips to the store for things you forgot.

  6. Take a stay-cation – Sure the beach or mountains are beautiful, but if you skipped it this time and stayed home, how much could you pay off or put away?

  7. Shred your credit cards – If you can, get rid of them and use a debit card. The credit industry is slowly killing you with interest rates.

  8. Cancel the landline – A cellphone and Skype should handle your needs nicely.

  9. Stop eating lunch out – If you live close to home, eat there. If not, take a packed lunch from home. This will save you lots of money.

  10. Invite friends over for dinner – instead of going out for dinner and drinks. It’s more personal and a lot cheaper.

  11. Stick to your shopping list – Avoid spending extra on every other thing you pass in the store by making a list ahead of time and not deviating from it.

  12. Buy basic items from a dollar store – Tape, gift cards, some cleaning products, etc. can be purchased for much less at discount stores.

  13. Cut out booze and cigarettes – easier said than done, I know, but if you spend money on these things, it’s usually a lot. You’ll also be much healthier.

  14. Change your air filters on time – the air conditioning/heating unit has to run a lot harder when it has to fight through the build up on the filters.

  15. Clean your car’s air filter – you’ll get better gas mileage if you clean it regularly according to the owner’s manual

  16. Cancel subscriptions to unused things – magazines, the gym you never visit, newspapers, and lots of other things take your money and give you nothing in return.

  17. Buy used – sporting goods, tools, and other household items can be bought for much less at yard sales or second hand shops.

  18. Buy things in January – after the holidays there are always good deals on items that are left over from holiday stock-up.

  19. Unplug electronics and appliances – even when they’re not in use, they are still using energy and running the electricity bill up.

  20. Keep blinds closed – it helps to insulate the house and keep the temperature regulated.

  21. Adjust the thermostat – before you leave the house or go to bed, turn the heat or air down or up to save on electricity.

  22. Get books from the library or friends – you can find plenty of quality books to read for free.

  23. Carpool – gas is expensive, so share the ride whenever you can. This will also save on auto wear and tear.

  24. Plan meals weekly or monthly – this will keep you from impulse buying food and let you buy when items are on sale.

  25. Shop online – Use Ebay, Amazon, and other sites where you can get great deals instead of the local brick and mortar or the big-box stores.

  26. Use fee-free ATMs – Your own bank should be fee-free, and others like CashPoints offer no charge as well.

  27. Use coupons – you don’t have to become an extreme couponer, but use the coupons in the paper if you get it. You can find and print lots of coupons online.

  28. Drive the speed limit – speeding tickets can cost you unexpected and unnecessary money.

  29. Cook double or quadruple portions – you can turn one meal into several, saving time, and it is cheaper to buy the bigger amounts once than buying the smaller amounts twice or more.

  30. Stock up on staple items – when there is a really good sale on something like toilet paper that you know you are going to always buy, buy a lot.

  31. Make your own coffee – the coffee you are getting at the drive-through or the specialty coffee shop is costing you at least 10-20 times as much as drinking coffee from your coffee pot at home.

  32. Use a push mower – you’ll use a lot less gas, have a lot less maintenance, and get a lot more exercise than from a riding mower.

  33. Use cheaper entertainment options – Redbox, Netflix streaming, and other similar offerings are much cheaper than renting from a Blockbuster store or going to the movies. You can also watch TV shows on Hulu for free.

  34. Keep air in your tires – another useful tip that will keep your gas mileage optimal.

  35. Get term life insurance – term is the cheapest way to go, and it will cover your family for the loss of income while you’re still of working age.

  36. Wash your hands – this will cut way down on the chances of you getting sick, which can be expensive with medicine, doctor’s bills, and missed work.

  37. Save – how do you save when you are struggling? Just put something away every time you get paid and forget that you have it. You will learn to live on less and will have a fund for emergencies in the future.

  38. Refinance your mortgage – have you seen the rates lately? If you are in a higher rate mortgage, you should look into refinancing.

  39. Take your own trash to the dump – if you have a dump nearby, get a large trash can for the garage or outside and make a trip or two each week when you are going that way. Cancel your curbside service.

  40. Increase your insurance deductibles – this will bring down the monthly premium. You can always decrease it again later if you want.

  41. Close air vents in unused rooms – heating and cooling rooms that you never go into is a waste of money.

  42. Use flexible spending accounts (FSAs) – if your job offers it, this is a great way to save money over the year by spending pre-tax money on medical expenses.

  43. Use free software – using software like OpenOffice or other free software solutions instead of Microsoft Office or other paid-for products can save lots of money, and work just as well (better in some cases)

  44. Use microfiber cloths and warm water for glass cleaning – they work really well. Wipe it down with the water, then buff it out with the microfiber cloth.

  45. Don’t buy furniture polish – microfiber works on furniture too.

  46. Use vinegar to clean your shower and grout – works well and saves money on special cleaners.

  47. Repair damaged clothes – if you can repair it instead of throwing it out and buying new clothes, it’s a lot cheaper. Learn how to sew a button.

  48. Make and use a budget – Sounds simplistic, but if you know and plan where every dollar is going, you will be amazed how much better you handle your finances.

  49. Go to movies during the matinée times – save a few bucks when you do want to see the latest movie.

  50. When you do trade, use a discount broker – a good list of them is here.

  51. Buy cheaper pet food – pet food can be ridiculously expensive. When I see my dogs eating their own poop, I realize that the cheap stuff probably still tastes better.

  52. Earn some extra money on the side – do freelance work, become a consultant in an area you know well, have a yard sale, or sell stuff on Ebay.

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